All Employees are not Created Equal...

Neither are Staffing Companies

There are qualities and habits essential to a good worker no matter the job: Work ethic, cooperation, focus, maturity. At On Time Staffing we look for the intangible as well as the tangible qualities of a person before we classify them as an “On Time” candidate. With our singular focus on staffing for industrial companies, we are best able to provide our clients with a large pool of well screened, competent manual labor at a moments notice. It’s simply a higher standard of hire.

A Much Higher Standard of Hire

Rigorous 8-step hiring process

OTS employs a thorough screening, testing and orientation process for every candidate. We measure the tangible and intangible qualities of our candidates and carefully test them on integrity, aggressiveness, honesty and dependability in addition to a full background check, reference verification and drug test. We also conduct a complete skills test, orientation and even training for our candidates and classify them with a precision you just can’t get from a “Do Everything” staffing company.

  1. Applicant Applies (any vendor)
  2. Insight Personality Assessment
  3. "Prove-it" Industry Specific Skills Testing
  4. Interview Questionnaire
  5. Drug Test Panel 7
  6. Criminal Background County Felony
  7. On-site Orientation
  8. Facility Walkthrough

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“Our experience with On Time Staffing has been a blessing… exceeded our expectations.”

- Toll Brothers, Inc.

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