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Most companies are active online, which means social media can be a great resource to research companies and apply for jobs. Candidates can find out which positions are available, what responsibilities and requirements are tied to that position, and what the company culture is all about without ever leaving their seat. Find out how you can utilize social media in your job search.

Start with Professional Social Media Profiles

You want to make a good first impression. Before companies get a chance to interview you, they have the chance to look at your social media profiles. Make sure they are finding the information you want them to find.

Your profile should be complete, appropriate, and relevant to the work you’re looking for. For example; if your experience with a previous employer is relevant to your new job, make sure that experience is listed in your profile.

Also, try to make personal and professional connections in your field and join career-relevant groups. You’ll stay current in the industry and connect with other professionals. In addition, provide a clear link to your email address so recruiters may easily get in touch with you.

For your Facebook, Instagram, and other photo-based profiles, take down any pictures that may be inappropriate. You need to appear professional for a company to want to hire you.

Look in the Right Area

If you are only using social media to follow your friends or entertaining pages, you shouldn’t expect to have much success finding a job. Be sure to utilize groups, associations, and relevant company pages when you are searching for a job.

Many times, companies in the same industry will follow each other, post about similar topics, and use the same hashtags. If you look around at what companies in your field are posting about, you are not only likely to find job opportunities, but you are also likely to find information that can help you distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Network, Network, Network

Network online with people in the industry you are looking to go into.  Develop contacts through family, friends, neighbors, school alumni, current and former co-workers, members of clubs, and anyone else who may generate job leads. Connect with your leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media. Ask for information and advice from each individual to see who they know and how they may help.

Be ready to highlight your job-related skills and experience and how an employer may benefit from hiring you.

Use a Top Staffing Agency

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  1. At the end of the day, using social media wisely will aid in your job search by giving you the opportunity to connect with people who can help you get a job.

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