Phone Interview Tips

Preparing for an interview can be a stressful process. Whether it’s in-person, over the phone, or on a video call, you want to make a great first impression on the hiring manager or recruiter to move forward in the hiring process. By having a good plan in place, you can greatly increase your chances of landing the job. Follow these tips to prepare for your next phone interview and secure your next position.

Control Your Surroundings

The ideal location for a phone interview is a quiet room in your home. Try your best to eliminate distractions ahead of time, allowing you to fully concentrate on your interview. Close the door. Turn off the television, radio, fan, and anything else that might make noise or otherwise steal your attention. Make sure your significant other, kids, roommates, and pets are preoccupied and will not interrupt during your interview.

Be Professional and Polite – Especially When Interrupted

Basic manners may seem a bit obvious, but we all forget from time to time, especially when we’re nervous. Use phrases like please, thank you, yes sir, and no ma’am. Treating your interviewer with courtesy and respect will go a long way – and they will often return the favor.

If something unexpected occurs like your doorbell ringing, the best choice is to just ignore it if you can. If you must address the situation, apologise to your interviewer, handle it quickly and quietly, and return to your conversation. Hiring managers and recruiters understand that you have a personal life, and will take note on how you handle unexpected situations like an interruption. Therefore, it is key to maintain your professionalism at all times.

Do Your Homework

When it comes to preparation, a phone interview is no different than an in-person interview: perpetration is the key to moving forward in the hiring process. Research the company. Study the job description. Look up the industry. The more you know going into the interview, the better.

Websites such as provide valuable information on companies, including summaries of the hiring process written by other candidates. Available information can vary greatly depending on the company, but having an idea of the hiring process or potential interview questions beforehand can be a huge advantage over other candidates.

If you follow these tips you should be in great shape for your next phone interview. To view available positions with On Time Staffing, please click here.

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