There are sure to be times during your career that you will want a promotion. Earning a promotion is not normally something that can be done overnight. It’s important to begin laying the groundwork early and preparing a case for why you are deserving of the promotion. Here are three steps to help you get started.

Find a Mentor

Partner with someone who is higher up in the company, has been there longer, and who also wants to help you grow. They can provide you with information about the company, help you get your voice heard by others, and give you general career advice. Having someone who you can discuss work issues with openly and honestly, without fear of being reprimanded, can be invaluable to your growth as an individual. Also, if your mentor is respected around the work environment, their praise of you will mean something to others.

Acquire Additional Skills

It is imperative to constantly be improving yourself. Whether you are taking online classes to improve efficiency in software, taking safety classes to help lower risk, or just trying to learn a bit more about your company, it is easy to notice when someone is trying to better themselves. If you have learned a valuable new skill, ask for more responsibilities that will put your new skill to work. Show you are dedicated and that when presented with a problem, you solve it, no matter what stands in your way.

Quantify Results

For the best chance of getting a promotion, it falls on you to be your own #1 supporter. Someone else probably isn’t approaching the boss with a list of reasons why you deserve to be promoted. It is up to you to gather data on why you deserve the position you are seeking. A timeline of your training, a list of projects that you completed, situations where you took initiative. Ask your mentor and your manager to look over the information you have put together, and to give you feedback on your successes and areas for improvement. Remember, a promotion is not the end of your journey, just the next step. Show you plan to continue to better yourself even if you receive the promotion.

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