Networking can be a daunting task, but in reality, it’s just a fancy word for meeting people. Don’t be stiff and robotic, just be yourself and try to get to know others! If you show that you’re genuinely interested in them or what they do, people usually respond positively and conversation flows more easily. It’s tough to even know where to begin with networking, but here are four places that are great for meeting others.

Your Workplace

This won’t help you if you are currently looking for work, but talking to your coworkers is a great way to create connections and further your career. You’d be surprised at how many doors can open once you start talking to people a little more. Some people are more reserved than others, and that’s completely okay, but establishing relationships with those around you can not only make work more enjoyable, but can actually help create new opportunities for your career.

Your Community

Volunteering in the community can be a great way to meet others and discover new opportunities. Leaders in many communities are often involved with volunteer efforts, giving ample exposure for you to connect with them. Volunteering is a great way to give back and is something to be proud of. Over time, volunteering builds up credibility and shows that you authentically enjoy serving others.


LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are among the top sites used for networking online. You can follow the companies, ask for job postings to be sent to your account, view information about the company and role requirements, participate in discussions and find out what employees have to say about working for the organization.

Don’t just get caught up in the business aspect! There are plenty of causes or interests that are great for meeting people and discovering opportunities as well. Social Media is a great tool to find like-minded individuals and talk about shared interests.

A Staffing Leader

Staffing leaders in your community usually have job fairs or networking events that you can attend. Keep an eye out for events like these in your community, or reach out to staffing provider like On Time Staffing to see how they can help get you a job or further your career.


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