Did you recently make a huge mistake at work? It probably feels like a big gloomy cloud over your head every day, making you feel unsure of your every move. Mistakes in the workplace tend to have a negative effect on relationships, as they can cause turmoil between employees and their managers. However, the quicker you can get past mistakes and move on, the better off you’ll be in your career. Next time you make a big error at work, remember these tips.

Apologize Immediately

Taking ownership of a mistake right away is part of being a professional. Being too prideful, arrogant or embarrassed can harm your reputation and indicate that you’re not mature enough to overcome your own mistakes. Remember, you’re human; say you’re sorry and own up to your mistake.

Learn from It

A mistake can become a meaningful experience if it helps you become a better professional.  After you apologize, take some time to reflect on the mistake and think about what you could have done differently to prevent it. This can be a great opportunity to identify areas in which you may need to improve. For example, should you have asked for help on a project sooner?

You may have to work on your communication skills. Did you neglect your co-workers on a project that should have been done together? You may need to work on your ability to collaborate and work in a team. In most cases, learning from mistakes can be valuable for your professional growth.

Move Forward

Harping on past mistakes will only set you back from achieving future success. Once you own your mistake and learn from it, it’s time to move on and let it go. If you’re struggling with this step, consider speaking with a counselor who can help you regain your confidence. Mistakes are part of any job, and you’ll continue making mistakes even when you’re trying your best. Accepting this fact will give you the strength to move forward even when you’re feeling unsure of yourself.

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