With low unemployment across numerous industries today, it can be difficult to find the candidates you need quickly. Once you find candidates, are you feeling as though you often lose them during the hiring process? The reality is you may be so focused on your company’s needs you lose sight of your candidates’ needs!

If you’re genuinely focused on attracting top talent, it’s time to give candidates what they want during the hiring process. Here are some ways you can improve the candidate experience.

Provide More Insight into Your Company

Repeating what’s already in a job description won’t do much to inform candidates about the prospect of being part of your organization. In many cases, candidates are seeking knowledge about what a day on the job is like. For example, will they be required to attend weekly team meetings? Are there opportunities for higher pay and growth? Is the culture open and collaborative? Providing insight into your organization that candidates wouldn’t discover on their own can be a game-changer for engaging top talent.

Shorten the Recruitment Process

Part of assessing the candidate experience involves taking an inventory of your recruitment process. You’ll want to consider how long it takes for your team to process applications, contact candidates and schedule interviews. If you currently have a lengthy process in place, remember this affects candidates’ perceptions of you as an employer – and may even result in top candidates dropping off. Finding opportunities to reduce the duration of your recruitment process fosters stronger engagement with candidates, allowing a better transition from point of application to interviews.

Commit to Regular Communication and Transparency

There’s nothing more off-putting than a hiring process that lacks communication with applicants and interviewees. Providing even some general updates throughout the hiring process can enhance the entire candidate experience. For example, you may consider establishing communication protocols that confirm with a candidate when their application has been received. This seemingly simple notification lets the candidate know that their application is under review, which can take some of the anticipation out of the process. Additionally, it’s a best practice to be transparent about your hiring timeline with candidates whom you interview. This shows you respect candidates’ time and won’t leave them waiting indefinitely for your decision.

Finally, it’s important to note that working with a staffing company or an on-site manager to assist with hiring needs can dramatically improve your hiring process in the new year. If you’re ready to attract more talent to your organization, start a staffing partnership with On Time Staffing, specializing in warehouse, manufacturing and packing environments.

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