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Is one of your 2019 goals to land an industrial job? Due to constant changes in the workforce, finding any job in today’s world is much different than it was even five years ago.

Working with a light industrial staffing agency like On Time Staffing can be a significant asset in your search for new opportunities this year! As you embark on your job search, here’s a recap of our top five blog posts from the past year to help you land your next industrial position.

Top Five Resume Mistakes to Correct Before Applying

If you’re failing to land interviews, your resume could be to blame! Failing to quantify accomplishments or include keywords are a couple of the most common mistakes job seekers make when crafting their resumes. Making some small adjustments can dramatically improve your resume and better position you in the job market.

How to Find Your Next Position With Facebook Jobs

Today, there are many accessible online job boards. For job seekers who use Facebook recreationally, Facebook Jobs may be one of the best platforms to search for new opportunities and easily apply right through the site. Taking advantage of Facebook Jobs can be a game-changer if you’re looking to expand your job search online!

Five Tips to Succeed in a Fast-Paced Work Environment

Industrial work environments can be extremely fast paced, often leaving new workers feeling overwhelmed during their first few months on the job. Learning how to thrive under these conditions early in your career is essential for showing employers you’re adaptable and can overcome challenges at work.

How to Stand Out With Potential Employers in 60 Seconds or Less

With many candidates vying for industrial jobs across the United States, it can be difficult to stand out among the competition. Learning some simple, yet effective techniques will allow you to effectively showcase your qualifications and market yourself in the best way possible, while distinguishing yourself from others in the applicant pool.

Today’s Thank-You Note Could Lead to Tomorrow’s Job Offer

As a job seeker, your communication skills with an employer throughout the interview process can make or break your chances of landing the job! Understanding the importance of sending thank-you notes to interviewers shows a high degree of professionalism, reinforcing your qualifications and interest in the position.

Looking for industrial employment opportunities in 2019? Get in touch with On Time Staffing, specializing in warehouse, manufacturing and packing environments.

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