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Does the perfect employee exist? In most cases, the answer can be subjective. What makes a perfect employee for one organization can be drastically different for another. With that being said, there are some steps your company can take to ensure you hire only the best talent. Being strategic with how you recruit candidates – and how you treat them throughout the hiring process – can make all the difference between an average and a superior employee.

In your search to find the “perfect employees,” here are some strategies to consider implementing immediately.

Pay Attention to Soft Skills

When it comes to finding the best employees, you must have a strong understanding of the types of personalities that will mesh best with your team. Going beyond qualifications and evaluating candidates for their soft skills (such as communication, organizational abilities and emotional intelligence) will allow you to identify which types of individuals are best suited to add value to your organization and become contributing members of your team. Finding workers with the right soft skills to excel within your culture will allow you to build a workforce you can retain for many years to come.

Is the Perfect Candidate Out There?

If you come across an ideal candidate, don’t let a deal fall through over a petty issue that could be resolved with a little compromise. In addition to salary and benefits, there are many other factors involved in a new employee package. For example, if an employee is asking to work from home every Friday so they can cut back on their weekly commute, don’t be so quick to say no and reject the candidate right away. Remember, every employee has different goals, values and lifestyles. If you can make some accommodations to make your offer more appealing to a candidate, you’ll end up saving yourself a top employee.

Use an Onsite Manager

An onsite manager will know what type of workers you need, acting as a central contact for your hiring managers and human resources team to identify openings. The best part is an on-site manager will coordinate all candidate interviews and facilitate the entire hiring process of temps from start to finish. Having a designated person tasked to recruit the right talent will alleviate your HR team from having to find qualified candidates, allowing them to focus on other things.

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