Behavioral-Based Safety Observations 

Your Path to Reduced Workers’ Compensation and Increased Employee Engagement

Behavioral-based safety observations involve recognizing and rewarding proper safety practices as well as identifying and correcting unsafe behaviors and conditions in the workplace. This approach has many benefits as we’ll outline below.

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Benefits of Behavioral Safety Based Actions

Prevention of Accidents

A proactive approach prevents accidents. With behavioral-based safety observations, potential hazards and unsafe behaviors are addressed before they cause harm. Proper techniques are acknowledged and praised to establish positive habits.

Improved Safety Culture

Identifying and encouraging safe performance practices reinforces positive behavior. Awareness allows workers to take ownership of their safety and the safety of their team.

25% Reduction in workers compensation costs


Reduced Workers' Compensation Cost

Preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace keeps associates safe and working. While providing a healthy work environment, you reduce downtime and expenses.

Increased Employee Engagement

Employees engaged in safety observations are more involved in creating a safe workplace culture. Employees feel more invested in the safety of their workplace and are more motivated to actively promote best practices.

Impact of OnTime Staffing's Behavioral-Based Safety Observations

On Time Staffing began using behavioral-based safety observations in 2020. Since then, the company has seen significant improvements in workplace safety. The following are highlights of this program’s success.

Reduced Accident Rates

On Time Staffing has seen a 40% reduction in its OSHA-recordable accident rates since implementing the Behavioral-based Safety Observations Program. This is due to the early identification and correction of potential hazards and unsafe behaviors.

Improved Safety Culture

The use of behavioral-based safety observations has helped prioritize safety at On Time Staffing. Employees are more aware of potential hazards and take an active role in promoting safety

Increased Employee Engagement

Employees are more engaged in safety initiatives. They feel empowered to create a safe workplace through their own actions and by encouraging the actions of their colleagues.

Reduced Workers Compensation Costs

On Time Staffing has seen a 25% reduction in workers’ compensation costs since implementing the Behavioral-based Safety. Observations Program in 2022. This is a direct result of the program’s ability to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

40% Reduction in OSHA-recordable accident rates


On Time Staffing’s use of behavioral-based safety observations has had a positive impact on workplace safety, employee engagement, and workers’ compensation costs.

  • Promotes Proper Processes
  • Proactively Detects Potential Hazards
  • Nurtures a Safe Culture
  • Prevents Accidents Reduces Injuries
  • Decreases Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Minimizes Downtime
  • Increases Productivity
  • Engages Employees in Safety Efforts

On Time Staffing is a leading provider of temporary staffing solutions for the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution industries. The company’s commitment to safety is credited to its successful Behavioral-based Safety Observations Program. Experience our positive impact on your workplace safety.