On Time Staffing Mission and Core Values

The On Time Staffing mission is to provide world-class staffing solutions and become the industry’s market leading supplier.  To our partners, we are committed to delivering cost-effective, responsive, and innovative labor solutions.  To our employees, we pledge to provide an ethical, safe and professional work environment. Our unified goal is to provide an exceptional work experience.

Our over-arching operating philosophy is based on our six Core Values:

Together Makes Better

We know passion, teamwork and helping one another can turn a group of ordinary people into an unbeatable, winning team.

We Are Good People

Our guiding lights are honesty, integrity, generosity of spirit, kindness, and respect for one another.

Get ‘er Done

We accomplish our goals, even when the tasks are not easy and the going gets tough.

Carry Your Moral Compass

We do what is right and honest in every situation, even in the face of cost or consequences.

Innovative, Adaptive and Creative

We actively look for new and better ways of doing things so we can continuously improve as a company and as individuals.

Core ValuesHave Fun

We know not to take ourselves too seriously and we are committed to laughing at least 3 times a day.


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