Why On Time Staffing?

We are an experienced team of specialists with a thorough understanding of warehousing, manufacturing, packaging, and food processing environments. We have been providing companies with our temporary staffing and Onsite services since 1999.

We work directly with you to manage your temporary staff and address any and all issues that may arise. Why spend time and money managing temporary employees when your agency can do it for you?

The Benefits of Hiring an Onsite Manager

Increased Efficiency

On average, overtime spend is 10% to 20% lower

Temporary Associate retention is 30% higher

Time to fill is up to 50% faster

Higher Safety Standards

OSHA-compliant hazard assessments and weekly safety prevention inspections

Associate OSHA-compliant new hire orientation and safety incentive programs

Coordinated processes with client for OSHA 300/301 Log Data

Risk Management & Compliance Enforcement

Federal and state employment law compliance

Wage and hour compliance

EEO compliance

Worker’s compensation and employment eligibility compliance


Customers Say…

“I’ve worked with a lot of staffing firms in my career, and they’re only as good as their onsite person. The onsite manager from OTS is outstanding – does a great job managing the team. They stay involved with the operations team, do a great job of keeping us informed, and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves.”
  Pedro Velis
Sr. Human Resource Manager & National College Recruiting Lead
Ready Pac Foods



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