Zero Day Hire

Easily Convert Temp Staff into Long-Term Employees

Our HireSatisfaction™ Program includes a feature called Zero Day Hire. This provides our clients with the ultimate hiring flexibility. Zero Day Hire includes 3 hiring conversion options to accommodate diverse staffing needs.



Zero Day
Option 1: Minimum Headcount

Once your required temporary headcount is reached, you can convert any additional associates into employees, regardless of hours worked. Quickly capture exceptional talent to secure valuable team members for the long term.

Option 2: Minimum Percent

Convert a fixed percentage of your temporary staff on a weekly basis, regardless of hours worked and without a conversion fee. Transition a portion of your temporary workforce into permanent positions to consistently maintain core teams and retain exceptional talent.

Option 3: Fast Start

We source, qualify, and short list the candidates and you select them.  It’s that simple.  In return, we charge a fee that is paid over a negotiated period of time.  Our belief is that we are in this together, so if turnover happens during the payment period, you stop paying. 

With Zero Day Hire, you can seamlessly transition exceptional temporary staff into permanent roles. Streamline your recruitment process and capitalize on the potential for sustained success—without additional costs.

HireSatisfaction is our commitment to understanding your unique workforce requirements and responding with customized solutions to achieve your long-term staffing goals.

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