3 Tips to Overcome New Job Jitters

Starting a new job can be a scary task. You are stepping into an unknown situation with expectations and you may be afraid you will not be able to meet them right away. You are not alone. Almost everyone feels this way when starting a new job, and with these tips, you’ll be able to shed your doubts and concentrate on doing the best work you can do.

You Don’t Need to Have All the Answers

Any reasonable manager will understand you are new and not expect you to know things you haven’t been taught yet. Your manager, coworkers, videos, technology, and other company resources are there to help you learn and progress as an employee. By utilizing different sources, you’ll gain a variety of knowledge to answer questions in an informed manner. It’s never a bad move to admit you don’t know something. In fact, if you show that you are trying to answer your question, it shows initiative and that you can be trusted to go to extra lengths to find the answers you need.

Know You Were Hired for Your Skills and Potential

Your manager believes you’re an asset to the company, otherwise you wouldn’t have been hired. If your manager sees you’re excited about your position, motivated to move up within the organization, and willing to remain with the company for a long time then they will be more likely to work with you. It is easy to help people who help themselves.

Request Additional Time or Training

If you require help completing a task, ask a coworker or your manager to show you how it’s done. Have them supervise you performing the task so you gain feedback to improve your performance. Remember, showing initiative can be valuable early in an employment. If you need more time to finish a task, let your manager know as soon as possible. The deadline may be flexible, or you may be given a partner to help complete the work. In addition, come in early and stay late if it is necessary to get your work done.

Work With a Leader in the Staffing Industry

These are a few suggestions for overcoming your fear of being the new employee. To view all On Time Staffing job openings, visit Jobs.OnTimeStaffing.com now.