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Since 1999, our innovative onsite approach has allowed our clients to scale at speed by providing solutions curated to their business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find quality candidates?

We developed a four-way recruiting strategy to ensure your success. This includes an onsite team, grassroots recruitment efforts, reliable referrals backed by a motivating bonus programs, and a centralized recruiting team.

Where is On Time Staffing located in the USA and Canada?

Our model allows us to replicate our success anywhere! We're located all over the Continental USA and Canada. We have the capacity to meet you where you are and to grow with you.

Why should I choose On Time Staffing over another staffing agency?

Our Clients experience higher quality, higher productivity, and higher efficiency through a proven and repeatable onsite staffing model that we customize to each client’s specific situation. Our program ensures that YOU have the personnel needed each day to meet the demands of your operations.

What is a temp staffing solution?

Temp staff are employed directly by a staffing agency rather than a business. This means that associates' services are temporarily 'sublet' to the business during their period of employment. As the staffing agency, we provide payroll, workers compensation, and unemployment for our workforce.  Because we also offer health benefits and other ancillary benefits, we are able to attract high quality associates and retain them for extended periods of time.

What does "direct hire" mean in the staffing industry?

Direct hire differs from temp staffing solutions because associates are directly placed with a business for a full or part time position. Staffing agencies administer direct hires by finding, qualifying, and hiring staff on behalf of their client.

Why should I work with a staffing company?

Working with OTS guarantees you have a strategic partner in your staffing endeavors. You're the expert in your industry and we're the expert in ours – its pays to use an experienced and dedicated staffing company like OTS. Our onsite managers offer one-on-one attention to secure support and results. From the first step our associates take on your operations floor, they are prepared to make a positive impact.