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Our HireSatisfaction™ commitment is powered by proven and repeatable processes that support businesses with talent that works.

Experience Higher Retention,
Productivity, Safety, and Engagement

Onsite Management
4-Way Recruiting
Safety with Intent
Enhanced Engagement
Personalized Reporting

The Five Gears That Power HireSatisfactionTM

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Onsite Management

We are strategically onsite and proactively engaged to ensure HireSatisfaction,™ our onsite manager is solely focused on your business goals. Our priorities include performance management, attendance tracking and counseling, HR business partner services, safety initiatives and continuous improvement programs.

4-Way Recruiting

Onsite, centralized and online, in the community, and through employee referrals, our 4-Way
Recruiting strategy is foundational to our daily operations. We source and onboard candidates quickly and methodically. The outcome: Committed hires who best fit your workplace.

Safety with Intent

We take a proactive, intentional approach to safety. People come first. Every single On Time Staffing
Onsite Manager is OSHA certified and supported by a corporate safety team. We ensure our clients’
sites are well-equipped with managers who put the associates’ safety first – without exception.

Enhanced Engagement

We are focused on boosting employee retention and productivity. This allows us to offer the recognition employees crave. With benefits like employee-of-the-month programs, focus groups, calendared engagement events, and customized orientations, our associates feel acknowledged.

Personalized Reporting

With customized reporting and access to data needed for your business to excel, we ensure we are maximizing productivity while keeping oversight on retention, attendance and overtime spend. We are committed to sharing key analytics about your business via daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and at quarterly business reviews.

Industries We Serve

Warehouse and Distribution

From retail to e-commerce, we are the experienced partner who provides confidence that your supply chain workforce will deliver high throughput and accountability, keeping your inventory tracked and moving.

Food Manufacturing

Our supply chain workforce solutions in food processing and manufacturing are efficient and flexible. Picking and packing throughput across production lines is timed for the highest quality output.


Our extensive experience in identifying and recruiting top-notch individuals includes the automotive sector. We leverage our industry roots to source skilled, reliable workers in the automotive arena. 

Grocer and Food Service

We offer comprehensive solutions for grocery and food distribution supply chain workforces. Services include unloading, loading, and cross-dock services, temperature control support; cold chain oversight; traceability; and strict regulatory compliance.

Nutraceuticals and Life Sciences

We proudly support the emerging industry of nutraceuticals with our staffing services. We connect the industry with workers who are excited to participate in the holistic health movement. 

Achieve HireSatisfactionTM Wherever You Go

On Time Staffing is located throughout the USA and Canada. Many of our clients take us everywhere they go. We go where you grow.