Take a Proactive Approach to Warehouse Safety Standards

In any manufacturing or light industrial work environment, it’s critical that the highest degree of warehouse safety standards are established and enforced. Adhering to proper protocols and procedures is not only important for your personal safety, but also for the people around you as well as the overall production operation. Being a part of a safety culture can be impactful in promoting safety and reducing risks at work.

By implementing sustained safety practices, you can ensure the most optimal work environment within your organization.


When you start with a new company, pay close attention to the roles and responsibilities of the position as well as the health and safety procedures in place.  It is important to take note of proper personal protective equipment, machine guarding, and protocols for the facility that you’re working in.  Ask questions and be sure to raise any concerns right away.

See Something Wrong? Address It Now

It’s never a good idea to wait until something goes wrong to address or rectify a safety concern in the workplace. Conducting frequent self-inspections throughout your shift will allow you to implement and reinforce a standard set of safety conditions. These may involve being aware of potential slip or fall conditions, forklift traffic, general housekeeping, and machine guarding. Identifying potential risks or problems is one of the most effective ways to prevent injuries or issues.

Know How to Report Problems Properly

As safety concerns arise, it’s imperative that problems don’t fall through the cracks. Bring any safety concerns or issues to your manager as they happen to. As an employee you are empowered to proactively identify potential hazards that could negatively impact the organization.

Create a Safety Culture in Your Workplace

On Time Staffing pledges to provide an ethical, safe and professional work environment for its employees. A safety culture is important to the overall success of our company as well as the health of our employees. Search all of our open positions on our job board today.