Three Solutions to Combat Employee Retention Issues

Are your employees heading for the door at an increasing rate? Poor employee retention can take a toll on your organization in many ways – culturally, operationally and financially.  While you can’t predict all the reasons employees leave your organization, you can take steps to address retention and create a workplace that promotes job satisfaction.

How can you combat some of the common reasons behind increased attrition and help your employees feel valued at work?

No Flexibility

Many employees – especially millennials and Generation Z’s – increasingly want flexibility in their work schedules. Lack of work-life balance often prompts employees to seek employment elsewhere. In fact, many employees are willing to accept lower salaries in return for options like flex hours or remote work opportunities.

Solution: While you may not be able to offer flexible work hours year-round, think about times of the year in which you can offer some flexibility. For example, if you’re an industrial employer, there may be less demanding months in your fiscal year that require less on-the-floor production and labor. During these slower times, consider offering employees the opportunity to choose which shifts they’d like to work, such as early morning or late evening hours.

No Growth or Advancement

If employees feel there’s a dead-end to their career trajectory at your organization, they’ll be quick to look for other jobs offering more growth potential. Remember, high-performing employees want the opportunity to advance within their roles and assume greater responsibility over time. Workers who feel stunted in their positions will be difficult to retain, as they’ll be looking over their shoulder for employment that offers them a better path to career growth.

Solution: You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into training programs to offer employees valuable learning opportunities. To keep employees engaged in professional development, consider hosting in-house lunch-and-learn seminars or establishing a formal mentorship program. Taking steps to enhance the learning experience for your employees will show you’re invested in their long-term success and make them better at their jobs!

No Recognition

Employees who feel dismissed or forgotten about will be more inclined to seek employers that value their talents and accomplishments. Neglecting to offer praise and recognition when it’s deserved can easily cause feelings of resentment among your employees, resulting in them quitting out of frustration.

Solution: Recognizing your employees in a meaningful way for their achievements can be instrumental in showing your appreciation and building positive relationships with every person on your team. This does not mean constantly complimenting employees, but rather finding ways to recognize them throughout the year. Whether it’s award luncheons or monetary incentives, there are countless ways to express gratitude.

Implementing the solutions provided above can help you proactively improve retention levels at your organization, while providing a more thriving and productive workplace for all your employees! The sooner you start, the better off your organization will be in the long run. For more great management tips or to find a staffing solution that works for your business, contact On Time Staffing today.