How to Find More Qualified Candidates for Warehouse Openings

As the skills gap continues to widen and the talent shortage worsens, filling warehouse positions has become a major challenge for many companies. Hiring managers are increasingly finding that recruiting top notch candidates requires a comprehensive approach – one that includes re-evaluating current recruiting practices and implementing new strategies.

As you seek to find more qualified candidates for warehouse jobs, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Define the Vision of the Job

Rather than focus on the type of person to fill the role, make sure you’re defining the vision for the job itself. Publishing over-used job descriptions will not distinguish your company, but rather fail to convey to candidates why they should consider you as a potential employer. It’s best to resist the status quo and make sure you’re articulating a vision for the job within the job description.

For example, providing details about how to excel within the position will help candidates envision their own growth potential at your company and make them more motivated to apply.

Be Strategic with Recruiting

Recruiting for warehouse positions requires a different approach than recruiting for corporate jobs. Being strategic with how you advertise open positions is critical for ensuring your job postings are being seen by the right people. For example, there are certain job post sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder that are best suited for careers in the warehouse realm.

There are also many specialized industry groups on LinkedIn in which you can post openings and network specifically with job-seekers. Using LinkedIn to share opportunities and engage with job prospects will give you an active pipeline of leads as temporary and permanent openings at your warehouse arise.

Implement Employee Incentives

One of the easiest ways to ensure qualified candidates come through your door is to utilize employee referrals! Asking your current employees for referrals to their family and friends will immediately boost traction to your posts and help you expand your network to credible candidates.

You can increase the effectiveness of referrals by establishing employee incentives, such as a bonus for every employee who refers an individual who gets hired. This not only improves your hiring strategy but enhances overall employee satisfaction at your company!

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