How to Stand Out with Potential Employers in 60 Seconds or Less

Are you a job seeker who often encounters potential employers, but aren’t sure how to effectively sell yourself? You’ve likely heard about the importance of an elevator speech, a 30- to 60-second pitch in which you describe your professional background and experience. While you don’t necessarily need to have an elevator speech ready to go, there are some tips that can help you instantly impress somebody new.

Here’s how you can make a great impression on potential employers in 60 seconds or less.

Be Specific About Your Qualifications

Employers encounter thousands of candidates each year who want to work at their organization. When meeting somebody from the company for the first time, give a brief scope of your skills and qualifications, so they know the type of expertise you would offer. Highlighting what makes you different from other candidates will allow you to focus on your assets and show how you could add unique value to the organization. While you don’t want to brag or appear arrogant, you should share your professional strengths.

Express Interest and Ask a Question

Individuals in the position to hire you will look not only at your qualifications, but your demonstrated interest in the organization at large. Asking a thoughtful question will reflect a genuine interest in the company’s employment opportunities. You can even consider connecting your question with a career goal, such as inquiring about the path to advancement in a certain role. The more eager you are to learn, the more impressed the interviewer will be with you as a candidate.

Maintain Professionalism

With any first impression, you’ll be judged heavily by the way you carry yourself. Even if a conversation seems casual or informal by nature, remember to remain professional in your communication and body language. Always conduct yourself in the most respectful manner, as your professional composure will have a lasting impact on the other person.

There you have it. In 60 seconds or less, you can make a rock-star impression that could possibly land you a new job. Now get out there and start networking! Ready to get to work? Apply for new light industrial opportunities today with On Time Staffing, specializing in warehouse, manufacturing and packing environments.