Stuck in a Warehouse Job You Want to Leave? Here’s What to Do

If you’re feeling stuck in a warehouse job you dislike, you may be anxious to start looking for jobs elsewhere. However, there’s a great value in taking a step back and evaluating your current situation before moving forward with a full-blown job search.

Before dusting off your resume, here are some steps you can take before making the transition to new employment.

1. Reflect on what you don’t like.

Before making the decision to leave and seek another warehouse position, it’s in your best interest to do some reflection and think about what exactly you don’t like about your current job. For example, do you dislike your manager, your schedule or your co-workers – or is it a combination of many factors? Whatever your reasons, determine what specifically you don’t like, so you can minimize these types of workplace problems in the future.

2. Assess what’s in your control.

Depending on what you dislike about the job, there may be factors you have control over. For example, are you resentful of your manager because you haven’t gotten a raise in three years? This is an example of a situation in which you can assert yourself and speak up. In this instance, consider scheduling a time to meet with your boss to address your frustrations and concerns. Then, if your boss still refuses to see your point of view and give you a raise, you’ve justified your decision to move on. Communicating with your employer about your grievances can change the trajectory of your future at the company.

The bottom line? Assess what you can do first to make a positive change before jumping to conclusions.

3. If you decide to leave, maintain professionalism.

If you decide to leave your employer for another job, it’s important to resign in a professional manner. This involves giving a standard two weeks’ notice in a formal resignation letter and meeting with your boss to explain in person that you’ve decided to move on. Even if you have tensions with your boss, it’s best to maintain your composure so you don’t burn bridges and leave on a bad note.

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