Three Ways Working With a Staffing Company Advances Your Job Search

Have you been applying to what seems like hundreds of jobs, only to hear nothing back? If you’ve been spinning your wheels in your job search, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are many individuals and resources available to you that you may not know about. Whether you’re an experienced candidate or embarking on your job search for the first time, seeking the assistance of a staffing company can be greatly beneficial to your career.

Consider these three reasons to work with a warehouse staffing agency throughout your job search.

Temporary or Seasonal Employment

If you’re like many candidates, you are likely laser-focused on securing permanent, full-time employment. However, a staffing company can help you find meaningful work in the interim which can be valuable for many reasons. First, a temporary or seasonal position can help you avoid employment gaps on your resume which can be a turn-off to many employers. Second, temporary jobs allow you to earn a paycheck during your search for a full-time position. Additionally, temp work can be beneficial in acquiring helpful references and gaining employment experience in your industry.

Free Help and Assistance

Unlike a career coach or online program, using a staffing company is free of charge. Because recruiters work directly for employers (their clients), it’s their job to find top candidates to fulfill their clients’ hiring needs. This means it’s in their best interest to help viable candidates present themselves in the best way possible to employers, which is why they’re committed to assisting you in the job search process.

Whether it’s providing feedback on your resume or giving you interview tips, recruiters seek to maximize the success of clients throughout every stage of hiring.

Confidential Opportunities

What many job seekers don’t realize is there are thousands of job opportunities each year that are not advertised to the general public. Working with a staffing company gives you access to a wider range of jobs that most candidates will not know about. As your recruiter gets to know you, they will be able to identify the types of positions that most align with your qualifications and present you with opportunities that match your profile as a candidate.

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