Don’t Leave Your Job Search to Luck! Use These Proactive Job Search Tips

Do you feel as though your success in landing a new job is out of your control? Well, if you’re waiting around for someone to wave a magic wand, you’ll be out of luck!

Taking matters into your own hands and being proactive with your job search is the only true way to land a new position on your terms. While it certainly requires hard work and effort, there are many ways you can increase your marketability as a candidate and set yourself up for a successful job search.

Stay Open-Minded

If you’re refusing to deviate from your dream job, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Being open to many types of companies and similar positions within your industry will help you explore new opportunities and discover a wider range of potential jobs. Rather than focusing on one specific company or role, pay more attention to the type of culture and work environment you aspire to be part of as an employee. Making a list of your values can help you identify the types of employers and jobs that align most with your career aspirations, as well as what type of culture in which you’d excel most.

Take Control of Your Story

You have complete control over your narrative as a candidate both in person and online. Understanding the message you convey to employers is key for positioning yourself as a leading candidate for the right types of jobs in your industry and presenting yourself as an ideal candidate to employers.

How can you take control of your story? You can start by making sure your resume, social media presence and other application materials and communications with hiring managers accurately describe your expertise and compel them to learn more about you.

One of the best ways to do this is to put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Are you presenting yourself in way that’s professional? Do your background, experience and goals match the jobs to which you’re applying? Are you articulating your qualifications in a clear and understandable way? As you answer these questions, you’ll be able to make the best adjustments to your resume and online profiles.

Make Relationship-Building a Priority

When it comes to the job search, who you know is just as important as what you know. With every job interview comes an opportunity to meet someone who can possibly help you land your next job – even if it’s not a job at their company.

As you make new connections with hiring managers and recruiters, make it a priority to connect with them online and stay in touch. Even if you aren’t hired for a certain job, many hiring managers will keep you in mind for future opportunities at their organization or even refer to you another hiring manager in the industry. Regularly following up with individuals whom you meet on the job search will allow you to grow a network of valuable contacts throughout your career.

By putting the strategies above into action, you’ll put yourself in the driver’s seat throughout your job search, ultimately paving the way for a position that’s best suited for your qualifications and goals.

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