What Parts of a Company Should You Research Before the Interview?

If you have an interview coming up, chances are you’re gearing up to discuss your unique qualifications as a candidate. However, it’s important to also redirect some of your attention to the employer – and how you’d fit within the constructs of the organization both personally and professionally.

As you research the company and determine whether it would be a good fit for your next job, here are three key questions to ask yourself that will help you prepare for your interview and present yourself in the best light.

1. How do you align with the company’s culture, mission and values?

While you must certainly be qualified for the job itself, it’s equally important to evaluate whether you’re a fit for the company’s culture. This requires gaining an understanding of what the organization stands for and how it treats all its stakeholders, including its employees, customers, clients and investors. Some of the ways you can educate yourself include reviewing its website, talking with existing employees and checking out the latest news about the organization. As you do your research, pay attention to how you feel. Is the company making decisions that are ethical? Are they supporting honorable causes? Are its leaders setting the right example? If you have positive responses to these questions, it will be easy for you to articulate in your interview why you’re compatible with the organization.

2. Will working at the company help you meet your professional goals?

Does the employer offer growth or promotion opportunities? Will you have access to professional training on the job? Will you be working with a team that’s collaborative and supportive of one another? Reading reviews of the company on sites like Glassdoor and Yelp can help you get a sense of whether working at the company will be the best decision for your professional growth.

3. Do you embody what the organization needs and vice versa?

If the position requires you to work on weekends, is this something you’re willing to do? On the flip side, does the organization offer any scheduling flexibility that may be important for work-life balance? It’s best to think through logistics, so you’re prepared to ask these types of questions during the interview.

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