3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Temporary Workers for Your Distribution Center

Challenges arise at almost every corner during these times of continued uncertainty, whether it's with supply chain struggles or the disruption of a global pandemic. It is vital that the supply chain is running efficiently. Add on increased and fluctuating seasonal demand, and the last thing that a distribution center leader has time to deal with are the labor shortages impacting the workforce. But that is the reality of the industry.

According to the U.S. Labor Market, the number of Americans quitting has exceeded pre-pandemic highs for eight consecutive months. Many sectors are struggling to fill positions and find lasting solutions.

While a contingent workforce may not initially be a first thought, these three reasons will explain why hiring temporary workers might be the perfect staffing solution for a distribution center.

1. Respond to changing demand

As has often been said, the only constant is change. Demands may increase because of holidays, peak times of the year, an influx due to the pandemic, or workers leaving the industry. But when you choose to hire temporary workers, you can pivot to meet those changes, whether the scenario is expected or unexpected. When you hire temp workers, you allow your business to scale quickly, strengthening your company’s ability to meet customer needs. On the flip side, when demand decreases, you can easily reduce staff and return to normal levels.

A temporary staff provides a pool of candidates to backfill your employee needs, so whatever the reason your business is facing a labor shortage, you have a fairly simple solution: hire temporary workers! Again, this allows your organization to adjust easily and quickly to maintain workload fluctuations. Temporary help from qualified agencies can quickly provide your business with exceptional employees to meet your needs. These workers enable your team to remain fully staffed (protecting them from burnout), and your organization can continue to run smoothly.

2. Control Spending

As you plan for the future of your distribution centers, your company is often examining better ways to invest your resources. A temporary workforce can in fact save you time and money in the hiring process. You get to remain focused on business goals, keeping your supply chain moving, while an agency finds a strong pool of candidates, leading to higher fill rates, increased efficiency, and reduced overtime spending. The cost of hiring temp workers is often cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits, and the training an agency provides cuts down on the onboarding support your HR department often provides.

3. Leverage Local Support

By hiring a contingent workforce, you can provide increasing opportunities for the people in your area, strengthening your presence in local communities and keeping the forward momentum of success going with your business.

With an embedded staffing model (a model we follow at On Time Staffing, a division of Eclipse Advantage), an onsite manager from a staffing agency takes the burden off the employer and coordinates the scheduling, onboarding, and attendance of your temporary employees. Their support alleviates much of the stress of the hiring process for you. As these temporary workers begin at your company, the onsite managers deal with any issues that arise (absenteeism, payroll, discipline, training, safety, etc.).

Better meet the fluctuating demands of your business, steward finances well, and engage local talent – three solid reasons why hiring a temporary workforce may be in your best interest. If you are looking to hire, why wait? Invest in a contingent workforce today.

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