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A Growing Partnership that Benefits a National Food Manufacturing Company's Staffing Needs

OnTime Staffing Case Study

The Challenge

Cold food manufacturing is hard work. That makes hiring enough workers to meet the daily demand of a cold chain manufacturing plant challenging. Since then, it has grown to support a staff of over 900, with peak flex-up increases to over 1,200 (more than 30%). Based on the success of a long-standing relationship with On Time Staffing (OTS), a division of Eclipse Advantage, this manufacturing client reached out to OTS for staffing needs in three other locations across the United States. One site was a new geographic location, and the other two sites were using many local agencies that were not providing a level of service that the client was accustomed to when working with their onsite partner, OTS. The OTS partnership began in 2012 at the client’s New Jersey manufacturing plant and since then, it has grown with the client relying solely on OTS for all their light industrial staffing needs. This client has had exponential growth and needed to work with a staffing partner who could support the overall level of support and workforce as they continue to grow.

Support Across Three Facilities

Mid-Atlantic Facility
Ramping Up Quickly

The company contracted with OTS to launch their New Jersey site in 2012. Since then, it has grown to support a staff of 800, with peak flex-up increases of 30% headcount.

New England Facility
Launching a Start-up

The client launched a new plant in the northeast in 2019, despite the pandemic confusion, OTS successfully recruited a staff of 200 workers to open the doors.

West Coast & Southeast Facilities

Two operating facilities, on either side of the country, benefited from consolidating many smaller regional staffing agencies to using just one, On Time Staffing.

“Consolidating to one agency has freed up the client to focus on continuing the growth of their business...

Since 2012, we have been their oniste staffing partner, and we made it our business to fully understand theirs. That’s how partnerships work and we are proud to be a part of our client’s success”

Paul Allen, On Time Staffing’s SVP of Operations

The Impact

The food manufacturing client decided to have OTS replicate its proven framework for recruiting and maintaining a quality labor force for the strenuous work within a cold/wet environment in facilities across the country. Due to the tremendous success with recruitment, retainment and attendance, the partnership has since grown to include the staffing of over 2,000 workers at plants across the US.

Improve Retention with Custom Programs
  • Customized sourcing/screening strategy
  • Onsite coverage for shift start-up & check-ins
  • Enhanced new hire onboarding training
  • Implementation of Employee Engagement Programs:
    • New Hire Touch Point Programs (Day 1, 7, 15)
    • Employee Surveys
    • Buddy Program
    • Pulse Surveys
    • Support and job counseling
    • Attrition Analysis (partner with client to monitor these data points)
Lower Absenteeism With No Show Coverage

Managing and monitoring daily callouts. The client knows a certain number of daily call-outs is inevitable, but it needs those spaces filled with other workers who are available quickly. The OTS onsite team closely monitors shift noshows in real time. To keep absenteeism at bay, bonus programs for high attendance have been implemented, especially during peak demand.

Implement Spot On Forecasting to Maintain Staffing Need

The company’s senior management team meets weekly with the embedded OTS staffing managers, to forecast upcoming customer demand and set staffing goals well in advance. The off and onsite OTS teams never stop recruiting, which enables them to support peak flex-up in headcount by over 30%, ensuring the company is always fully staffed to meet its customer demand.

The recruiting strategy includes:

  • Field recruiters from the local area who can target niche communities where traditional advertising isn’t an effective recruiting method.
  • Offsite recruiting services amplify distribution through the digital recruiting channels and provide rapid response to applicants, screening them and getting qualified candidates at the facility quickly to complete the vetting and hiring process. 
  • Generate a high volume of employee referrals, not just through referral bonuses, but by producing a positive work environment that encourages employees to refer family and friends.

A Successful, Growing Partnership

The client strategy to drop the OTS onsite staffing model to the other facilities has continued to grow and strengthen the partnership and benefited the additional facilities. With its long experience providing staffing solutions to companies in the cold, wet food packing industry, On Time Staffing has built a powerful, proven framework for recruiting and maintaining staffing levels that can work in any environment and geographical location. The core of its ability to fulfill staffing requirements and provide valuable support to its clients is the onsite OTS management team.

OTS Support Map

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