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A On Time Staffing Hired 200 Urgently Needed Workers Replenishing USUI International Corporation

USUI Case Study Cover

The Challenge 

USUI, an auto manufacturer in Sharonville, Ohio, was in desperate need of workers. They drained their resources, which mostly consisted of internal referrals. Sourcing workers was a challenge, and the existing associates were strained from excessive hours. Turnover was high and the company’s staffing issue worsened. They needed 200 workers but struggled to recruit. On Time Staffing (OTS) was brought in to develop a partnership in hiring qualified, dedicated workers. Experts in recruiting and maintaining staffing needs, OTS obtained the needed workers and has been continuing to anticipate their needs ever since.

The Winning Solution

Boots on the ground ambassadors

Ambassadors went local to find candidates in the warehouse’s own neighborhood. Immersed in the community, they directly connected with individuals in need of work through nonprofit groups, churches, and the local immigrant population. Hiring locals also helped those with transportation issues.

Referrals from the current staff

Referrals from the current staff were continuously sought by the OTS onsite management team. Referrals were rewarded with bonuses which, in turn, helped retention. Trained to make connections, the OTS onsite team also monitored daily activity and conversations in the warehouse for opportunities to find new workers.

Enticing benefits with long-term opportunities

OnTime Staffing was able to entice with good benefits and the possibility of long-term opportunities to counter the low-wage issue. A healthy culture was cultivated where workers felt valued, respected, and motivated.


“Since 2015, On Time Staffing has repeatedly delivered for USUI. They have been with us through the busy years, as well as the lean seasons, always pivoting to accurately respond to our evolving needs."

- Kyle Shepherd, Human, Resources Manager, USUI

The Impact

 OTS oversees approximately 250 temporary associates at this USUI site

 There are no longer gaps in open orders

 Turnover reduced from 27% to 6% (the industry standard is 30 to 40 percent)

 Outstanding associates were rewarded with promotions and/or permanent roles

  Many OTS hires became full-time, with opportunities for advancement

 8 Years Later... 

Eight years later, the OTS onsite team now is stationed in a newly constructed office in USUI’s warehouse, built by the manufacturer at the expense of $12,000. This impressive investment reflects the success and true commitment of this longterm partnership. USUI’s custom-built OTS office underscores the well-established partnership. Previously located in a makeshift office in the warehouse cafeteria, OTS now is housed alongside human resources. The statement: a united presence. Upon entering and seeing dedicated office space for On Time Staffing team, complete with signage, candidates instantly understand the cohesive relationship. Confidence is built. As an automotive manufacturer, interviewing onsite is impactful. Potential workers are introduced to the environment where they would work if hired. They are provided with hands-on experience using mock auto parts to demonstrate the nature of the job. Knowing what to expect and where to go with any concerns allows candidates to make fully informed decisions. This realistic impression helps prevent no-shows and ensure commitment.

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