Mary Maslowski

VP, Centralized Service and Organization Effectiveness

Mary brings over 30 years of leadership experience across multiple industries, geographies, and scale of business.  With an extensive background in organizational standardization and continuous improvement, she is well versed on streamlining processes and enhance workflow management.  Prior to joining OTS, Mary was the Director of Operations, Customer Service and Outsourcing for Swets Information Service, which operated worldwide as an intermediary between publishers and libraries.  This work led Mary to her current role at OTS where she is focused on improved customer retention, compliance, design of measurement and scorecards for Operations, assisting in the creation and implementation of budgets for each client, as well as reviewing processes and workflows for continual improvement for the entire Operational Team.

Mary’s philosophy embraces problem-solving and leadership as the key to continuous improvement. She is passionate about finding innovative ways to find long-term solutions to simplify work without compromising the quality of the outcome.