How to Move On from Negative Work Experiences and Improve Your Future

As you start a new job, you may be having a hard time letting go of previous experiences. However, to be successful, it’s critical to let go of negative experiences so you can begin a new job with a clean slate. Doing this will set the stage for transformative growth in your career, as you’ll be ready to take on new challenges with ease and confidence.

Here are three tips for how to let go of the past and use it as a learning lesson for the future.

1. Evaluate how you handled toxicity in your previous job.

To truly learn from negative experiences, you must engage in some self-reflection and think about your role in past situations. For example, did you fail to communicate your feelings to your boss? Did you put up with a passive-aggressive co-worker without ever politely confronting them? Did you fail to handle a bad situation to the best of your abilities? Thinking about how you dealt with prior circumstances will help you identify ways in which you can improve your own actions and behavior in a new position.

2. Make company culture a top priority in your job search.

In many cases, negative experiences are a result of poor workplace cultures. As you search for your next job, making company culture a top priority will help you remember what’s important in a job.

While it’s tempting to get lured by a certain job title or salary, evaluating a company’s culture will be just as vital for projecting your long-term success at the organization. You can get a sense of company culture by visiting employers’ websites, social media pages and – most importantly – hearing directly from individuals who work there about their own experiences.

3. Recognize what’s out of your control.

No matter how perfect a new job may seem on the surface, you’re bound to experience some form of negativity in any role. Recognizing this from the start will help you set realistic experiences for your job, as well as expectations from others around you.

Remember, you can’t control people’s emotions or what they think of you. However, you can control how you respond and the choices you make on the job, both personally and professionally. Harnessing your own power will serve you well throughout your career, even as you experience hardships along the way.

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